The Art Of Self Confidence & Manifesting What You Want

Nowadays, lingerie is more than Victoria’s secret. Women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds enjoy lingerie because it makes them feel confident. The rules of lingerie are flexible. It’s as easy as wearing what makes you feel your best! Breaking the rules is fun, and lingerie is the perfect way to express yourself intimately, whether you’re trying to entice your partner or even just energize yourself! You can wear these fun undergarments for wedding dresses on your wedding day or every day! There are no rules to looking and feeling your best with lingerie.

Feeling confident in lingerie means getting to know your body. It takes time, and you’ll likely need to experiment with styles before you find what really works for you and your body. There are more options now for women of all sizes and styles! No matter if you’re a Double-A or a Double -G, you can choose something that makes you feel your best. You can attract attention with all types of lingering glances from your partner or dress for yourself! Whether you’re a seasoned lingerie pro or you’re looking to add new pieces to your wardrobe arsenal, here are three pieces of advice for every woman of every body type!
Lingerie advice for everyone

Lingerie advice for everyone

No matter your shape or size, there are some rules that are universal. Lingerie is an investment for your confidence. What you wear UNDER your clothes is just as important as your actual clothes everyone sees! The right lingerie is empowering, and anyone who’s ever worn the perfect bra knows just how life-changing it can be!

  • Find the right size.


A lot of women struggle to find the right size of female undergarments, particularly when it comes to bra sizes. It can be difficult to face the number or size on the tag. Know you are more than just a number or a letter size. Luckily, we have more sizing options available now than ever before! There are lingerie options for women both big and small and everywhere in between. Realize that having an unusual size might mean you need to look outside of the box for the right fit. Unfortunately, traditional retailers don’t carry many less popular sizes. The best places to search for specific sizes are more boutique sellers online. Rest assured, though it might take a little bit more digging, you have options!

Finding your right size also means finding the right bra size and bras types. You need a legit fitting that takes into consideration all the important things when sizing a bra. Too many women wear the wrong size bra, and if you experience things like cup spillage, tight bands, or strap slippage, odds are you’re wearing the wrong size. When sizing your bra, use a reputable guide and make sure the band fits snuggly and at a parallel angle to the floor. If the bra has underwire, it needs to fit correctly around your breasts without digging or slipping into the tissue. You should be able to slip the straps from your shoulders without your bra moving. The right fitting bra can make all the difference!

  1. Start small until you gain confidence.

Many women jump right into the deep end when building their collection of lingerie. The number of options can be downright overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to go wild with tons of pieces you aren’t sure you’re comfortable with yet. Start small with basics you know and trust. It’s all about baby steps! Do you usually wear nude bras and panties? Start with a different style or pattern like a lacy number or vibrant color. From there, you can keep taking more steps until you build a collection you love! Build your confidence until you can have fun with exciting choices from Three Wishes! Break down the limits on your comfort zone!

  1. Dress for yourself.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking women wear lingerie for men. While some certainly do dress to impress their partner, and there’s nothing wrong with that, lingerie should mostly be able the way it makes you feel. The right lingerie can show you the meaning of lingering kiss from your partner, and also skyrocket your self-confidence. It’s okay to experiment with untraditional styles if they make you feel good! It’s even okay to buy sexy lingerie even if you aren’t in a relationship. Dressing for yourself means you know yourself, and you can’t go wrong when you are expressing yourself.  

There is no one way to define underclothes! The loungerie meaning means knowing what makes you comfortable! Now that we’ve covered the advice for every BODY, let’s talk about your specific body type!

Athletic Body Type

Women with athletic body types are often lumped in with thin women in general, but that isn’t always the case. While athletic women are generally thinner, that isn’t the hard and fast rule. Not to mention those with more muscular builds have different concerns when finding lingerie

  • You might need to size up.

The issue with most sizing charts and guides is that they don’t take into account the way muscles work. If you don’t have the same amount of “squish” as the average woman, things like bras can be really uncomfortable if you don’t size up. Your size will likely change depending on the brand, and it’s always best to be cautious with an athletic body type.

  1. Skip the body suits and corsets.

Athletic women generally have a straight shape. Bodysuits and corsets are perfect for women with hourglass shapes, but they can look awkward on muscular women since muscles aren’t prone to compressing to the shape of your clothing. Instead, choose a two piece or a babydoll fit which can give the appearance of curves if that’s the look you’re going for.

  1. Choose soft fabrics.

If you want to achieve a feminine look on a muscular frame, it’s all about the fabric. Lace is the natural choice since it always adds a feminine touch. Don’t be afraid to try dainty pieces like bralette or bandeaus. There are a lot of lacy, feminine options that still offer plenty of support and lift wherever you need it!

Petite Body Type

Petite women try to give the appearance of longer legs, and there are a lot of styles that make this easier. Petite women might have more trouble finding lingerie that suits their height, and they might need to look into online boutique retailers to find the right look for them. That being said, there are a lot of great looks to compliment smaller women!

  • Avoid long dresses or pieces.

One of the biggest mistakes petite women make is choosing lingerie pieces that are too long for their small frame. When trying to give the illusion of longer legs, it’s best to choose shorter pieces. A babydoll cut is a great option but in general look for styles that fall to your upper or mid thigh.

  1. Look for slits in the side.

Side slits are sexy! They also do wonders for your legs! Gowns with slits in the side of your legs will make your legs look shapely and long, even if they aren’t. Don’t be afraid to show some leg with daring slits and cuts!

  1. Two words: stockings and garter belts!

Who said stockings were just for women with long legs? Let stockings be your new best friend by wearing them with a lacy garter belt. Stockings come in a range of styles and cuts, so find something that shows off your body best. The long stockings connected by the straps to your garter belt will elongate your form, making you look taller than you are while bringing all the attention to your legs!

Curvy Body Type

Curvy women often struggle the most to find the right balance between support and style. Don’t let support and coverage turn you off to lingerie! There are a lot of great options that show off your best assets and enhance your curves in the best way! You have a lot to work with, you just need to learn the best way to flaunt what you’ve got

  • Show off some skin with a demi cup bra!

Demi cup bras are all about support with all the style! Sometimes you just want to show some skin, so a demi bra is the perfect way to blend both style and support. Demi bras are also perfect for a low-cut outfit, so they’re a versatile option if you’re just getting started with your lingerie collection.

  1. Jump on the high waisted trend!

High waisted everything is all the rage nowadays, and this trend has also made it into lingerie as well. High-waist fits are perfect for showing off your curvy hips and also hiding anything in the tummy area. High-waist fits come in different styles so you can choose how much coverage you receive in the back as well.

  1. Add excitement with a garter belt.

Curvy women often fear they can’t get too experimental with their lingerie choices, but this is just not true! Curvy women have just the right shape to pull off a number of daring lingerie choices. Garter belts are perfect for curvy women, especially if it’s your first time trying something more experimental. They’re flattering in the tummy area, and they can show off your hip shape as well as your shapely legs! Garter belts are great fun to play with, and you might find your new favorite style!

Slender Body Type

Slender women have a lot to work with, even if they lack extra size in the breast or butt area. Unlike athletic body shapes, slender women don’t have a muscular build, but they still have a similar flat shape and linear body type. Finding the right lingerie style will mean learning what materials and picks you love the most on your body!

  • Since you don’t need as much support, choose a fun style.

One of the benefits of having a smaller cup size means being free to choose style over support. If you don’t need to rely on a thicker band or straps to support your chest, you can choose a more unconventional style. Frills, ruffles, and other thick styles might be just the addition you need to draw attention to your smaller bust. Similarly, pushups and bras with underwire can create the appearance of curves where there are none.

  1. Go back in time with a retro style.

The pinup look goes great with a slender form! If you find yourself unimpressed with the styles of lingerie you see today, look at the styles of yesterday. Different materials, cuts, and fits might suit your body type in ways you didn’t know they could!

  1. Create curves with a low-rise and high-cut style.

Create the appearance of curves in your hip area with the right cut. A high-cut thong or panty that rises high on your hips can show off your lean legs while making you appear to have more of an hourglass figure. Experiment with different materials and styles to find what makes you feel best!

Pear Body Type

Women with a pear shape tend to carry most of their weight and curves in the lower half of their body. This means they feel like hiding their wide hips and thighs, and they need help bringing attention to their upper half. Here’s how to accentuate all the right places! Pear body type

  • Wear a plunging neckline.

When trying to bring the attention up your body, a plunging neckline does just the trick! You can choose a plunging bra, corset, or even a bodysuit that draws the eye all the way up from your curves to your thin upper body.

  1. Go graphic with a unique print.

A lot of women are afraid of choosing an eye-catching graphic print or style. Your pear shape is perfect for showing off a unique print, so don’t be afraid to rock something more daring up top! Think animal print bras and geometric bralette that really draw attention.

  1. Show some skin with a strappy number.

Strappy styles are all the rage, and you can find more lingerie now that shows off your wild side with some straps and patterns. Not only are straps super sexy, but they can offer unexpected support. Choose a strappy bodysuit that brings the attention up your body, or break the rules with a strappy boyshort that shows off all your voluminous curves!

Express yourself with lingerie!

Lingerie is the perfect way to get in touch with your body and learn how you like to express yourself! The right lingerie can transform your confidence. Remember, lingerie is for every body type and shape! There are no size limits when it comes to showing off your body, and as long as you’re dressing for yourself, you can’t go wrong!


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