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What Makes us Different!Post your escort ad is one of a kind, world-class directory of elite luxury escorts that only cater to most distinct clientele.  It’s designed to eliminate long searches and time wasting for those who are looking for and appreciate the finer things in life.  The site provides access to the most luxuries companions at one place, eliminating the need for endless browsing.

Not all profiles and companions who sign up to join get approved.  Due to elite nature of the clientele, each profile undergoes extensive review to ensure it meets all the standard of Luxury Escort.  Those who provide fake pictures or vulgar content get rejected instantaneously.  We meticulously stand by our objectives, to provide easy access to the most Elite Adult Entertainers available in US and Canada, as well as worldwide. There are various sections on the site to allow easy browsing.  The most Luxurious Female Escorts are featured on the “VIP Worldwide Escorts” section, located at the top of the home page.

The site is not designed to work as Classified, due to its high standard.  Those, who are looking for “quick date” on the short notice or those who don’t care much about the “quality of the encounter” might get disappointed or rejected by Elite Escorts from this site.

The higher the quality, the higher the standards.

Only those who understand and respect those standards would truly enjoy memorable fun experiences with Elite Ladies. High standards for clients usually involve providing personal information for appropriate screening, pre-booking ahead of time, providing deposit if needed, and making arrangements for suitable accommodations.

So, what makes the TheHiddenPages different from all other directories out there. The difference is that we offer “The Best” for those who are truly looking for “The Best”.

Dinner Dates Toronto Escorts

TheHiddenPages Guide to Toronto Escorts, GFE Companions and Adult Entertainers.

TheHiddenPages is Top-Ranking Escort Directory of adult entertainers of different kinds.  We feature Toronto Escorts, as well as Toronto GFE Companions.  Also, TheHiddenPages welcomes Toronto Fetish and BDSM providers.

For High-Class Escort Welcome to TheHiddenPages escort directory.  We are fundamentally an extravagance escort directory for VIPs, where you can contract an educated, all around urbane sweetheart or celebrity as your supper escort or travel partner.  For the successful, affluent gentleman of his word who essentially appreciates investing his recreation energy in the attentive company of unbelievably wonderful, intelligent and talented ladies – and for whom privacy is number one need.

Toronto GFE Companions and all Toronto Escorts.

What makes us different, is that Toronto Companions of many kinds are welcome at TheHiddenPages.  Toronto escorts can indicate different kind of services that they provide, such as BDSM, Domination, Massage or GFE companionships. Independent Toronto Escorts advertise their services, that can range from short dates to long intimate encounters.

Users of the TheHiddenPages are encouraged to read Advertiser’s profiles and services very carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. Browse the site for free and you’ll sure to find the best Toronto Escorts to suite your needs and fantasies.

Upscale Female Escort in Toronto.

Tоrоntо fеаturеѕ the absolute best nightсlubѕ, bars, lоungеѕ, rеѕtаurаntѕ, аnd оthеr nightlife in аll оf Canada.  You ѕimрlу will not find a bеttеr сitу in Canada for nightlifе. If you’re just visiting, аrе nеw to thе city, оr juѕt want tо еxреriеnсе Toronto’s incredible night scene, уоu don’t wаnt to dо it аlоnе.  If уоu need соmраnу to еxрlоrе Toronto’s nightlifе, соnѕidеr hiring a Tоrоntо еѕсоrt.

An escort in Tоrоntо will travel with уоu and еnjоу аn evening аt thе finе Toronto еѕtаbliѕhmеnt оf your dеѕirе.  Hiring a Toronto еѕсоrts will ensure уоur individuаl nееdѕ are met during your night out in Tоrоntо tо maximize your еnjоуmеnt.  Bу hiring a Tоrоntо еѕсоrt, уоu саn bе ѕurе you are in fоr a trulу intimаtе, еxсiting night out in Toronto.

Social Toronto Escorts Directory

You’re not an average man, so don’t settle for an average company.  With our upscale social escort directory, you won’t be introduced to full-time or ‘by-the-hour’ female Toronto escorts.  Expect to meet the finest, freshest, most authentic single ladies of elegance and distinction, all of whom pursue their own careers, and the opportunities life brings them.  Marked business models and glamor girls, TV moderators, semi-renowned and celebrated actresses, top Instagram models, top of the line and private jet cabin crew, specialists and photographers, top of the line business experts and even elite academics and lovely college participants are accessible for a presentation.

These special, responsive ladies all appreciate intermittent select and careful supper dates or get-aways with refined VIP respectable men and obliging Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.  No one will ever think about why she’s there.  They’ll just notice how lovely she is whether they see her by any means.
It’s no luck that you’ve discovered us.  You’re a bustling man, and there’s no opportunity to waste in meeting stunning ladies for essential dates.  Everything is associated, and your energy has driven you here, where we can show you the specialty of being simply happy.  This goes a long way past the physical.  Regardless of the possibility that you don’t yet completely realize what you look for, you’re discovering something memorable.  Besides, that is exactly what we have practical experience in.  GFE singles and escorts of refinement, with whom you can make wonderful associations.

Finest adult entertainers in Toronto

We’re famous as one of the finest escort presentation directory in Toronto today.  Fresh and bona fide, where just the most first class female Toronto escorts and wonderful, mindful mistresses and famous people are chosen for prologue to our refined international customer base.  Not the red light type of woman, but rather premium, beautiful women, not accessible for only anybody to meet.  A novel matchmaking Toronto escort directory, we give an alternate way to deal with friendship than the original escort benefit.

With us, you are not simply one more guest, and we have practical experience in acquainting fruitful courteous fellows with superstar escorts.  We regard each courteous fellow as though he is our lone guest, and tailor every sweetheart to his own inclinations, for dates that sparkle, inevitably.  Our wonders can hardly wait to go with you some place rich for an energizing supper date, excellent get-away, or captivating occasion with fascinating discussion.

As master intermediaries, our own touch and elevated requirements will charm the particular and prominent noble man.  TheHiddenPages concentrates on pure extravagance and impeccable matchmaking, making a commonly pleasant, helpful association inside a sweetheart affair.  We likewise concentrate on quality, not amount; We don’t look to cook for each guest, nor is cash the objective of our operation.

We jump at the chance to manufacture long haul associations with our customers, in view of trust.  In addition, that requires working with uprightness, something we consider important.  TheHiddenPages Toronto escorts give truly world class female courtesans to escort you to dinner or casino in any part of Toronto.  We give acquaintances with extravagance models and wonderful ladies across numerous different states too.

Dinner dates with social Toronto escorts

Our top of the line women and quality escorts can go to any business function anyplace in Toronto.  We have practical experience in enrolling crisp, beguiling, drug-free escorts of high calibre; Girlfriend sorts and well-known models and performers to escort you to any classy occasion or location.  Our other strength is a contemporary, top of the line way to deal with dating.  We are selective, nonetheless.  We just work with premium ladies and acquaint them with premium men of honour.  We are a unique customized service, for extraordinary individuals.  This choice procedure is the thing that keeps our models elite and new.

Our upscale and expert social Toronto escorts are precisely chosen from privileged backgrounds.  You will never observe tattoos, hair shading regrowth, unseemly clothing or humiliating behaviour from our models.  Taught, refined, exquisite and high calibre, our Toronto escorts will guarantee your experience is sensational from the start to fruition. Inevitably.

Regardless of whether going with you to high-end get-togethers, to first class dinner dates, to exquisite excursions, going shopping, going for shows or for simply some individual relax time together, making you feel special and heard, you can be guaranteed that your quality Toronto escorts will never humiliate you.  Alternately, TheHiddenPages Toronto escorts will make your opportunity delightfully essential.  Rest guaranteed you will appreciate a smooth and remarkable escorts encounter when you visit Toronto, where you matter.  Too many individuals are living as dismissed and injured souls.  Brilliant mistress presentations at TheHiddenPages make a mending and enabling condition for our individuals to inhabit their full vibration.  All our beautiful singles are instructed carefully in the fundamental purposes of classy escorting and generous accompaniments.

Classy Companions in GTA

We cater for arrangements all through Toronto, and our young escort ladies can venture out with you to any location in Toronto.  Our models are accessible to visit your five-star hotel or resort, where you can be presented tactfully for a get together, before going on your date.  Just get in touch with us to ask about your ideal preferences, and be acquainted with excellent, achieved courtesans, models and businesswomen.

TheHiddenPages Toronto escorts is prestigious as one of the finest model escort directory and presentation benefits in all of Canada.  Continually keeping up a downplayed yet lofty notoriety, protection and secrecy are needs for us, and also security, respectability and genuineness.  Our lovely world class escorts’ discretion and authenticity are just piece of their appeal and charm.  We offer a standout amongst the most tactful instalment frameworks on the planet with different billing companies and offer proficient invoices where required.  Rest guaranteed your time with us will be long remembered.

Why book an Toronto escort

Booking escort services has been a typical practice everywhere throughout the world.  With the fast ascent of the web, this practice has been blown to a large extent. Escort organizations would now be able to advance their administrations and can have worldwide reach.  This makes the entire escort service industry greater and extensive than it has ever been and you can promote you escort benefits on TheHiddenPages site.
The developing of the business likewise offered to ascend to inquiries and misguided judgments.  Why would individuals procure an escort?  This is a legitimate inquiry given the way that escort service accompanies a critical cost.  The appropriate response, however, is not by any stretch of the imagination hard to see. Individuals employ costly courtesan out of comfort, quality of service, and attention.

Individuals book Toronto escorts out of luxury

Let’s be honest.  Most of the general population today never again participate in exercises to meet other individuals whether to build a friendship with or for dating purposes.  This is on account of individuals have turned out to be extremely career oriented.  We are so centered around building our professions that dating and meeting individuals have been pushed to the foundation.  Therefore, ordinary dating has turned into a test.
This brings another pattern, and that is to book escorts for various reasons and events.  In all actuality, escort services are never again limited to sexual encounters. You can profit proficient escort services for pretty much anything from sentimental supper to business capacities.  You can even contract a world class escort to fill in as your buddy your companion’s or relative’s wedding.  No compelling reason to stretch yourself searching for a date.  Everything can be helpfully orchestrated.

Quality of service

Another motivation behind why many decide on proficient escort services is that they feel that they get additional incentive for their cash.  Proficient escorts dependably mean to truly associate with their customers.  Customers quite often feel that the entire engagement is not only a business bargain for their escorts.  This is on account of their model companions dependably hope to give their customers their full attention.  Discussions are additionally intriguing making the entire experience significantly more important, and at TheHiddenPages directory we give you the best of them.
This is accomplished because our expert escorts are knowledgeable; they, for the most part, have a college education.  It enables them to deal with discussions with an extensive variety of points.  This is likewise why representatives would date an escort in a vital business meeting.

Sorts of escort

• Escort lady for business trips
• Escort lady for get-away travel buddy
• Escort lady for golf end of the week escape
• Escort lady for ski understanding and skiing lessons
• Escort courtesan for tropical resort and beach occasions
• Escort ladies for knead treatment
• Escort ladies for wellness getaway and health retreat.

You can locate us by searching for Toronto escorts, Toronto companions, escorts in Toronto.  Appreciate a ‘Great and an Unforgettable Experience’.  Turn your exhausting business trip, private getaway, wellness spa or golf/ski/don remain into a supernatural and remarkable experience.  Our dazzling models and mistresses are much of the time ready to go between recording, shows or photography shoots, gatherings and conferences and can move all through Toronto.
Regardless of whether you look for a super concise date, a long term connection, or an able and lovely travel friend, we can help.  There is a huge perk that comes with booking one of our Toronto escorts at TheHiddenPages.


Discretion is our best need, and you can be guaranteed of 100% protection with our rich wonders and world class travel escorts.  We will never damage anybody’s protection, and we take extraordinary measures to forestall even incidental exposure.  The lovely beautiful and VIP women we acquaint you with will ensure your security and give memorable time.  Our ladies are accustomed to catering for VIPs of all type, and frequently have open vocations themselves, so they are all around fulfilled when it comes to privacy.

Considering the first class calibre of customer base and young women with whom we liaise, justifiable privacy is a need concern.  We consider this important and offer a 100% guarantee of everlasting privacy, similar to any really five-star company.  Represent considerable authority in exotic and feminine young women; our high-class VIP escort directory offers just instructed, dazzling and charming delights for dinner and travel dates.  With female escorts accessible all around the world, we can give a perfect, refined private escort buddy when you visit Toronto.

Try not to remain alone or make due with forgettable encounters and duplicity.  Call now and meet genuinely delightful, intriguing and caring ladies to welcome and go along with you.  Our upmarket women all have proficient vocations and are gifted ‘genuine ladies’.  From models, glamour girls, Instagram stars, starlets, actresses, entertainers, essayists, artist, cabin crews, top of the line vocation experts, CEO business women and acclaimed academics – skilled and intelligent young ladies you long to meet.  Our essential concentration is longer extravagance invitations, so you won’t meet women who are meeting several men consistently.  Just crisp Angels.

Toronto Canada’s Sexiest City

Aѕ Cаnаdа’ѕ lаrgеѕt сitу, Tоrоntо is hоmе tо ѕоmе of thе mоѕt uniquе nightlifе in аll оf Cаnаdа.  Sеvеrаl uрѕсаlе nightсlubѕ аrе ѕрrеаd thrоughоut thе сitу whеn the сitу trаnѕfоrmѕ intо a vibrant, еnеrgеtiс hotspot for 20-ѕоmеthingѕ lооking to раrtу and dаnсе thе night аwау.  Tоrоntо аlѕо hаѕ dоzеnѕ оf uрѕсаlе bаrѕ аnd restaurants for thе оldеr сrоwd аѕ well if thе сlub ѕсеnе iѕ nо a thing оf thе past.

Nightсlubѕ in Tоrоntо

Cоbrа Nightсlub – Cоbrа Nightсlub is a mаѕѕivе 5000 squаrе fооt nightсlub in the King Wеѕt аrеа of Tоrоntо. Cobra Nightclub hаѕ оnе оf thе most uniquе dеѕignѕ in Tоrоntо with iron gаrgоуlе torches аnd countless gоldеn skulls ѕurrоunding the dаnсе flооr. Thе сlub аlѕо fеаturеѕ a unique fullу loaded LED Cоlоr сеiling, whiсh сhаngеѕ colors оn a rеgulаr bаѕiѕ.

The club itѕеlf has ѕеvеrаl bаrѕ ѕрrеаd аrоund thе club for quiсk access to drinkѕ. Several VIP tаblеѕ are ѕеtuр for bottle ѕеrviсе, which ѕurrоund thе dance flооr аnd оffеr the bеѕt sound and viеw оf thе еntirе сlub. Bоttlе service starts оut аt a few hundred dоllаrѕ so bе рrераrеd to pay a pretty реnnу for your VIP service.

CLUB 108 – Located in Miѕѕiѕѕаugа, juѕt wеѕt оf Toronto, Club 108 iѕ оnе оf thе lаrgеѕt сlubѕ in thе Toronto area. With a mаѕѕivе 25,000 ѕquаrе feet оf ѕрасе, Club 108 аttrасtѕ thе 20-Somethings аnd college ѕtudiеѕ from аll оvеr the Toronto mеtrо аrеа. Club 108 is ѕuсh a lаrgе vеnuе thаt it’ѕ fairly еаѕу tо gеt lost аnd lоѕе a dаtе оr grоuр.

Inside thе сlub, уоu’ll nоtiсе a modern, high-tесh style of dеѕign. Several оbѕсurе rооmѕ and ѕhареѕ аrе fillеd thrоughоut thе еntirе сlub аnd custom LED lighting illuminаtеѕ thе сlub fоr a vаriеtу of ѕеttingѕ — ѕоmе intimаtе and romantic whilе оthеrѕ саrеfrее аnd wild.

There iѕ no сlub quite likе Club 108. It’ѕ mоdеrn design, hundrеdѕ of young, attractive, раrtуgоеrѕ and wоrld class DJs сrеаtе a special аtmоѕрhеrе that will оnlу lеаd to a good timе. Sреnding a night аt Club 108 will bе one of thе bеѕt еxреriеnсеѕ уоu will rеmеmbеr whilе оut in Tоrоntо.

Aria Cоmрlеx – The nеwеѕt сlub to ореn in Tоrоntо iѕ thе Ariа Cоmрlеx.  Aria actually features four diffеrеnt venues into оnе giаnt complex, which саn hоld аbоut 2,000 реорlе in total. Thе mаin аrеа Ariа features two full ѕеrviсе bаrѕ and thrее private VIP rооmѕ with flаnk the rооm. Unique lighting unlikе аnуthing уоu could find in any other Toronto сlub highlightѕ Aria and thе VIP ѕеrviсе is nеxt tо none.

Find Best Toronto Escorts

Where to Find the Best Toronto Escorts

A city known for its vibrant nightlife, amazing culture and beautiful cuisine – is no other place than Toronto “Canada’s largest city”.
Going on a visit to a fascinating city especially one like Toronto may well be really exciting.  However, sadly if you do not know your way around such city – could be one hell of a challenge!
No doubt, getting around some of the best Toronto escorts could be quite taxing more especially if you are somewhat new to the city.  However, committed solely to providing you with a private, undiluted experience of the highest quality is one escort directory that stands unmatched in the industry – “TheHiddenPages”.

TheHiddenPages is definitely the right place look.

If you are new to Toronto whether on a vacation, a few days relaxation trip, or a staycation, you certainly would need someone to flaunt in the city, and if you are still skeptical on where to find the right Toronto escorts – look no further as TheHiddenPages is definitely the right place to look!
A city like Toronto, where you find many tourist attractions and beautiful venues for longtime relaxation, fun can only be maximized with a high class Toronto escorts or an Elite Toronto escorts by your side.
It is impossible to have an exciting tour round this vibrant city all alone when there are countless smart, elegant and sophisticated escorts in Toronto available here at TheHiddenPages.  If you would need some pampering from a beautiful woman during your stay within or outside Toronto, then you sure have come to the right place as some of the best Toronto escorts are just a click away!

Escort experience

An escort experience is one of the most exciting things ever.  These women are not just stunning but are smart and intelligent.  Suffice it to say, they are understanding and know how to tease and please a man.
Well trained to be confident, sensual, charming as well as engaging, there is absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about when hiring escorts.  With All Toronto escorts you will feel less lonely, as they are there to provide you with a high level of companionship and at the same time, making you feel great about yourself.
Wherever you find escorts, they are well acquainted with the loveliest of places in the city and they know their way around every nook and cranny.  With escorts in Toronto, there is no need for a travel guide so as to be able to get around town somehow – They are their own kind of travel guide.
Here at TheHiddenPages, there are a number of classes of escorts in Toronto to pick from; ranging from high class to elite, VIP to the best Toronto escorts in the city all available for you.  All you need to do is browse through TheHiddenPages site for free, click on to make your request and the escort you choose will be made readily available to you to offer you that dream come true experience that you so desire.

Escort Directory

Escort Directory of Classy Elite Escorts in Canada and USA

‘The Hidden Pages’ Escort Directory has a list of independent Escorts and the Outstanding Escorts Agencies all around the world.

Navigating the Site

Do you know that you can now easily navigate through our website without stress? By moving on to the sidebar on the left corner, you will have access to our list of classy escorts from the most famous cities of The United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada respectively.
Are you on a visit to Quebec? Maybe your parent has been bugging you about getting married and you simply donít feel like going back to them without someone to show? Or on a business trip to Toronto? Do you need a lady who would give you an amazing treat? Feel free to browse through our lists of erotic escorts today. And if you desire to have a special escort to yourself, we have also listed some classy elite escorts in our New York Escort and Los Angeles, California sections.

While most other escort directories are into business solely to make as much money as possible, at Thehiddenpages, we are different. We are not just an escort directory; we are an exclusive boutique and sensual directory which has an updated list of amazing female escorts of several categories from independent elite companions, Escort GFE, to classy escort firms. Our no 1 goal is to bring social people together for a reciprocally enjoyable experience.
Our site policy does not allow free adverts, which means that for every adult entertainer that wants to be part of us, you must register and subscribe with us.

The Most Erotic Adult Ads

GFE providers’ Escort classifieds:

At Thehiddenpages, we provide you with series of adverts of the finest and classiest independent mature escorts and GFE Escort Companion. Our daily guide to the finest of adult entertainers and escorts is refreshed with updates of professional profiles and premium services.

On our premium providers section, we have a new option tagged “Available Now”, which guarantees you of instant availability of any escort companion of your choice, thereby reducing your search time.
Aside from the ìavailable nowî option on our premium section, all subscribers of our premium listings get higher priorities than others because we conspicuously feature their adverts on both the premium segment of the particular city page and on our homepage. Thatís not all; our premium subscribers also enjoy a wider exposure on and are always on the first page of every search results. Wow!! Doesnít this sound amazing?

Are you a high class escort? Do you want to earn more bucks by doing less? Be among the highly exclusive upscale female escorts on TheHiddenPages and enjoy our all-in-one package today. From high-class clientele to free exposure on our website and social media pages, you can become a superstar in no time. We donít just run our social media pages with low followers, our promotional campaigns are without doubts one of the most vibrant, consistent and robust campaigns youíve ever seen online. And with just a single click, you can create your own profile for your followers to start viewing instantly.
With the opportunity to gain more exposure as upscale escorts, and earn more in no time, why wait a second? Hurry now and join our ever-growing community of Canada and US VIP escorts right away!

At TheHiddenPages, our goal is to make browsing through our website as easy as possible. However, for easy accessibility, we have made our website available on all mobile devices. As such, for our clients to carefully search for profiles of companions of their choice, we have ensured that every escort Ads on the website is updated with full escort’s contact details to aid smooth communication, and proper scheduling.
Rather than going through our contact us page which is reserved for inquiries and advertisers, to reach through an Escort of your choice, feel free to have a direct communication with the female escorts through the contact details included in their profiles.

Guide for Premium Independent Escorts

Listings of Local Escort Agencies

At the TheHiddenPages, every escort firms are permitted to create just a single account where they will be able to design their pages and showcase their escorts. We serve as an open directory for adult services where several categories of escort service providers and potential clients come together, which makes it possible for easy interaction, networking, and kick-starting a relationship among members.With all these opportunities at your doorstep, what are you still waiting for? Get registered today!!!

Escorts for any occasion

Are you in need of high-class escorts?

Do you seek luxury escorts?
Do you simply need Independent escorts for companionship?
TheHiddenPages is the premium adult directory that will lead you to them!
Whether you are in a strange city for a business trip, or you simply are going to have dinner with your business partners, there is no better way of making an impressive entry than with a high-class escort hanging on your arm.  Some female escorts undergo special training that gives them the boost of confidence to represent your personality well, irrespective of the atmosphere.  Fact is, beautiful women usually have a way of awakening the senses of men, with their sweet words and beauty, your business partners might just be willing to listen to your ideas.

Additionally, if you are new to the city, on a vacation or few days relaxation trip, and you just need someone to flaunt in the city, female escorts are just who you need. Going to a city like Las Vegas that is hosts to many tourist attractions, you certainly cannot enjoy the fun alone; things can only get better with luxury escorts by your side.

Certainly do not want to tour a vibrant city all alone when a gorgeous woman is just a click away.  You need some pampering from a beautiful woman.  The relaxation these female escorts give with their soft touch can make any man relax.  You can get this and many more by hiring the services of luxury independent escorts.  All you need to do is browse through TheHiddenPages site, carefully read the various adverts from escorts’ providers and make your request and the beauty you select is available to you.

High-class escorts

After a tough day out there and you just need someone to bring back the liveliness in you, you certainly could use the services of high-class escorts.  High-class escorts will take you to cloud nine; you can get a beautiful woman to stir up your wildest fantasies.  You can get that dream girl experience you have always wanted by taking a female escort.  They are just as you see them on the adverts; smooth skin, their figure looks delightful and their walk is breathtaking.  They can leave you out of breath for some seconds, just how you would want it.

No matter the reason, you are finding yourself in that city, do not spend your time alone, explore with female escorts beside you.  There is certainly one to suit your need no matter the event you need them.

Here on TheHiddenPages, there are tons of escorts to pick from and it is so easy to have one, as all you need do is only contact advertisers on this site offering escort services.  With different adult entertainers’ providers, escort agencies and independent escort on display, you can choose the most beautiful and the one that best suits your requirement.  When walking around the city with female escorts, their elegance and beauty keep heads turning in the city.  With luxury escorts and high-class escorts, you can tour many attractions sites during the day and interesting bars, dance clubs and hotels at night.

Booking a date with an escort

Booking a date with an escort

One gloomy December evening I was scrolling my Twitter timeline, when I stumbled upon some female escort Ads.  I’ve used services of female escorts before, but it was a long time back, when I was much younger and much more vigorous, if you know what I mean.  I thought about it for a second and continued scrolling.  “I am too busy for that, and now it’s not a right time anyway” I thought.  In the evening, as I was getting ready for bed, I looked in the mirror, and started fantasizing about a date with one of the sexy ladies from the Twitter Ad.  Next thing I knew, I was in front of the computer scrolling and hoping to find those Ads.  The Ads were posted by escort directory TheHiddenPages and featured two gorgeous ladies.  One was brunette, and the other one was blonde.  After a few clicks, I found the phone number and dialled.  A lady with sweet and pleasant voice picked up the phone and greeted me.  I inquired about the availability of the blonde escort for this Saturday, and booked myself a date.  I was just about to hang up the phone, as the sweet voice asked me a question “Would you like to see a brunette escort as well?”.  I didn’t expect a question like that, and just said “May be some other time”.  Then all of a sudden the lady said “Why other time?  You can see both of them together, this Saturday”.  Two female escorts at the same time?  I hesitated, paused, and was just about to say “No, thank you”, as the sweet voice said “It will be unforgettable, you will love it”.  My first female escorts duo, or would it be my first threesome?  I have never been with two ladies at the same time before, and that got me not only curious, but very aroused.  I told the lady on the phone, Ok, that I would love to see both of the escorts together.  She got very excited and proceeded to make booking arrangements.  The date was booked for the upcoming Saturday … stay tuned.

Mr. Duo

Date with one of sexy female escorts!

Date with one of sexy female escorts!

I was visiting Toronto from out of town recently for business. I like this city, it’s big and vibrant, with lots to do. Before the covid-19 nightmare, I used to enjoy Toronto to the fullest by going to restaurants, galleries, cafes and little bistros. During my last visit, however, when everything was closed, the only place I could go to is the hotel lobby bar. It was Friday night and I was bored. While browsing the internet for some adult entertainment in Toronto, I stumbled upon directory. It was full of cute and sexy female escorts, some of which ‘Available Now’. I got excited. How about some cute female escorts, I thought to myself, and started dialling some numbers. After a few attempts I booked a date for tonight with stunning brunette. She was in her 30’s and sounded very pleasant over the phone. We agreed to meet in the lobby of the hotel around 7:00 pm. At 6:45pm I was dressed, ready and feeling very anxious. The elevator took forever to arrive and I caught myself feeling butterflies in my stomach. It was well forgotten feeling and I was enjoying it. I have never used companionship services from female escorts before. Finally, the elevator doors opened and I got in. As the light in the elevator buttons was moving down, the level of my excitement was moving up. The lobby was empty and I got relieved, I wouldn’t want a lady to wait for me. I was walking towards the entrance of the hotel, as the car stopped right in front of the hotel. The lady got out of the car and started walking in. We met right at the door and I recognized her right away. Although she was wearing a mask, her beautiful eyes were mesmerizing and I could see she was smiling underneath that mask. We greeted each other and proceeded to the bar. I was very much looking forward to sensual conversations over some quality cocktails … but the bar was closed. She was elegantly dressed beautiful lady, but very quiet. Since the bar was closed we proceeded to the elevator, and to my suite upstairs. I had a little bar in my suite and managed to mix us some delicious cocktails. I could see her stunning body through her décolleté and short skirt. As drinks were pouring in, I was more and more looking forward to a sensual part of the date with my beautiful female escort from Toronto. My sexy escort lady was also feeling playful and acting sort of provocative. I slowly pulled her towards me for a kiss. She responded and I felt her moist lips on mine. At that moment I thought to myself, why didn’t I try calling female escorts before? All I knew at that moment, that I would be visiting that site again for some more alluring female escorts.

Mr. B, the Secret Admirer

Toronto – GFE Companions

Toronto Escorts – best GFE Companions in Canada.

Toronto is one of the biggest and most fun cities in Canada.  There are many wonderful places to go and interesting things to see.  You can wine and dine or dance your night away in Toronto’s best clubs found in the entertainment district of the city.  Millions of visitors and tourists come to enjoy Toronto every year.  If you are one of them, and looking for a fun and exciting Toronto Escorts, you come to the right place.  This directory is known for Toronto’s best and most open-minded ladies, who are available now.  Moreover, if you are simply looking for fun time away from home and work, we are sure you will find it here as well.

Browse and select your Toronto Companion.

Are you looking for some fun times?  Start by browsing through Toronto Escorts profiles and selecting lady of your dreams.  Theres are hundreds of Escort Profiles featuring Toronto’s most exclusive escorts and companionship providers.  If you know what you are looking for, then you can use Search option to narrow your choices.  However, many potential client are open to suggestions.  Many like to experiment.  Feel free to browse Ads and read descriptions to see what sparks your interests.  In addition, make sure you browse through lady’s Specialties and Tours. Since the closure of Backpage, many Toronto Backpage Escorts came here to advertise their services.  These ladies are perfect for quick dates that don’t require pre-booking.  Usually, they are available on a short notice.  In addition, many of them have their own accommodations that you can visit.

Toronto Mature Escorts

Ladies over the certain age, like to call themselves mature escort companions.  The maturity is not only associated with their age, but also with their experiences.  Clients, who are looking for experienced providers, enjoy their company the most.  Similarly, mature Toronto escorts prefer gentlemen over 40.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, make sure you pre-book your Lady in advance.  Furthermore, schedule your date for multiple hours, to ensure you get full enjoyment that comes with maturity.

Touring Escorts in Toronto

There are many escorts that visit Toronto every month from all over the world.  Touring escorts are perfect for those who are looking for most discretion.  In addition, Touring Escorts usually require advance pre-booking.  Also, they are only available on specific dates.  To avoid disappointment, inquire about the availability in advance.  Make sure you pre-book for multiple hours, as well.

Book your Toronto Escort Now.

Booking your escort companion is easy and hassle free.  Most of the ladies that advertise their services here are available for booking.  The booking preferences differ among the Toronto Escorts.  Some ladies perform their own booking.  Other ladies have agents doing booking for them.  Those companions who work in Escort Agencies can only be booked via agency’s booking people.  Agency’s phone people are always friendly and helpful to make your booking experience a breeze.  Another benefit of booking via Agency, is that agents can also help you with your selection.  Also, they can answer any questions that you might have. Furthermore, is is a good idea to pay attention to Escort’s Booking Preferences.  Some ladies prefer to stay discrete.  As a result, they usually accept booking via text or e-mail.  On the other hand, certain escorts will only do booking via telephone.  Finally, there is always an option of booking via escort’s private website.  The website’s address is usually specified in lady’s profile. To make your booking even more easier, you can narrow your search to Independent Toronto Escorts and Agency Escorts.  Independent companions usually book on their own.  Please read booking instructions in the Lady’s Profile.

Toronto Escorts accommodations.

Accommodations are an important part of a perfect date.  There are many options.  First, you can always invite your companion to your place of residence.  Toronto escorts are always discreet and respect your privacy.  If you still have concerns about privacy, you can always ask your escort to dress discreetly.  Secondly, you can rent a hotel or motel and invite your Toronto Escort there. Most ladies prefer to visit nice hotels, as it gives them the sense of security and safety.  If you are on the budget, many Toronto Hotels offer hourly rate.  Thirdly, the lady can invite you to visit her accommodations.  Toronto Escorts Incalls are usually located in condominiums or apartment buildings.  Please make sure to ask about it at the time of booking.

Fun times with Toronto Escorts

Toronto offers many hot spots and fun destinations to visit and enjoy.  Vibrant nightlife will not let you get bored.  If you want to impress your lady and have means to do that, you can take your Toronto Escort shopping.  Eaton’s centre and Yorkdale Mall will sure to impress your date.  Above all, Toronto is full of beautiful boutiques and brand name stores to visit.  Surely, you will create fun shopping memories there. Toronto is well known for offering world’s top culinary experiences.  Hence, there are many renown restaurants and lounges.  Invite your companion to wine and dine or enjoy cocktails at Toronto’s hottest gathering spots. If you are in the mood for dancing, there are many fun clubs downtown and other area in the city.  Also, Toronto offers worlds’s best sex clubs.  Those clubs offer an amazing playground for open-minded individuals looking to explore their sexuality.  As a result, you will sure to feel free to experiment and have adult fun!

Toronto Listings

Toronto Escorts List, GFE Companions and Adult entertainers

Hidden pages is designed to help whoever is looking for adult companionship, entertainment, and escort services in Toronto. However, our services are not limited to the region. We also have collaborative partners in Toronto escorts list and GFE companions. If you are looking for any of the services, this company is available and committed to offering solutions.

Escort and companionship

Hidden pages is a top firm thanks to its expertise and commitment for best quality services. Most importantly, it offers the widest variety of options for options for its clients making it a special platform. With a limited range of options such as BDSM, domination, massage or girlfriend experience, there is liberty for the choices and rivalry in the market. There is enough space for advertising, which range from short dates and long-term companionships with intimate Toronto escorts adventures. It is also imperative to recommend the advertiser’s profile and services for the clients on our site. It is advisable to thoroughly observe the details and terms involved to avoid future misunderstandings. It is free to browse through our site and find the perfect Toronto escorts who will satisfy your desires and fantasies.


This is home to Canada’s culture in Ontario. It doubles up as one of the most modernized spots in the world. Today, there are approximately 2 million people in the city. It is the populous city in North America renowned for its strong film industry. On diversity, nothing beats Toronto; it hosts people of different religion, culture, and race. It is not only about hosting but the tourists find it comfortable in the megacity. In 2016, the city received at least 14 million tourists. There must be something with Toronto for it to attract such a number of people in one year. The numbers are not going down anytime soon. Whether you like tranquility or entertainment, there is a specific place to cater for your needs. The endless sceneries and landscapes in both ends of the city as well as maturity levels in social interaction makes it an ideal place for singles and family vacations. Toronto escort services are more than a business adult platform for companionship services.

Dinner dates with social Toronto Escorts

Love at first sight is understandable with Toronto. There are endless spots to visit and spend time with friends or your love. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has to come first on the list because of its unique and rich creativity. If you love art, this is the place. If your adventure is about thrill then you should visit the CN Tower and Edgewalk. 360 restaurant is the best place you can settle for a brunch, Canadians love brunch and they make a big deal out of it. No better place to enjoy brunch other than this restaurant as you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Toronto. To explore more of the spectacular views of this city, visit the east; the beaches, boutiques, and casual restaurants characterize the region.

Where to go with Escort in Toronto

Interested in night out on a musical event? Consider the following places you can go with your escort: Check on The Four Seasons Center, a home of the Canadian opera Company for exclusive art performances. The Sony Center is also renowned for performing arts. It is located in Old Town where it hosts everything from classical to rock. It is a wise way to spend your money. Also, The Massey Hall is a place you want to go to experience the ancient aspect of music. Acts in this place are exclusively legendary featuring Bud Powell Charlie Parker, and Dizzy Gillespie among other jazz artists.

Luxurious Female Escorts in Toronto

The nightlife in Toronto is definitely something you want to experience. Hiring a female escort in Toronto guarantees you pleasure and luxury throughout your stay. Every service is customized to your individual preferences. You have the liberty to choose the best outfit and let your Toronto escort take you to the best lounges, beaches, and restaurants. There are endless places to hangout with your female escort to experience the paradise in Toronto. If you are a first timer in this city, you won’t get enough with a female Toronto escorts. There is too much to do and so many places to go for one night. Definitely, people come back to Toronto; if you are one of the people on a repeat visit, there is a lot you are yet to discover. An escort will surprise you with secrets of the city that will leave you in awe. This should probably be on your last day of stay in Toronto; it is the climax of Toronto, maximum satisfaction.

Luxury Hotel in Toronto

Just like most prime cities for tourists, Toronto maintains the standards of 5 and 4 star hotels. It definitely offers better than most of the cities with a competitive number of tourists. Recently, The Omni King Edward Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom has undergone a major renovation and up scaling worth $6.5 million. The owners are not compromising on anything for guests comfort and experience. It is simply paradise awaiting you and your Toronto escort. The facility has been closed for the past 40 years for a complete restructuring. The results are not disappointing; it was worth the wait. It is a stunning luxury hotel offering you a rock star’s lifestyle. If you need an adventure and play with your Toronto escort, consider the Chelsea Hotel. It has resident bunnies, indoor water slide, an adult only fitness area, and endless dining options. There are multiple options available for you and your female Toronto escorts.

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As an escort agency, you need to spend most of your time hiring beautiful women As an independent escort, you need to spend your time beautifying Oh no!…let’s rephrase those sentences As an escort agency, you need to spend most of your time advertising As an independent escort, you need to spend most of your time advertising Yeah correct! For every business, marketing and advertising is a success strategy.  As an escort agency or independent escort, your business’ online visibility is quite necessary for improving awareness and as such boost business success.  You just have to keep at it with the right means of advertising because without advertisement, your business becomes somewhat stagnant and all your effort is becomes worthless.  Making your services available for customers to see online is the best way to keep them coming repeatedly! Advertising your escorts using platform is the best decision any escort agency can make.  Thehiddenpages provides you the right platform you need to advertise, where advertisers can meet their customers directly and have direct communication with them.

Post your Escort advertising

Contact Thehiddenpages now, post your escort adverts in our escort Directory to keep your business going.  Thehiddenpages features female escorts and male escorts’ advertisers and independent escorts.  The site is quite user friendly and provides the luxury of browsing through the escorts adverts using any mobile device or smart phone.  Escort agencies and independent escorts can also post and edit their adverts from their smart phone or tablet. These adverts on Thehiddenpages are usually up to date, with daily updates in check.  Thehiddenpages also works hard to ensure that information provided on the site is genuine and photos are recent and genuine.  There is a strict policy against falsehood and Thehiddenpages is trying to ensure that all adverts posted are authentic and up to date. If you are looking for some adult entertainment for immediate response, has an “Available Now” option that allows you to select escorts that are readily available, at your disposal or on a very short notice.  You can see the adverts for yourself and choose from the “Available Now” escort adverts that features luxury escorts, high-class escorts and other adult entertainers that are ready to meet you and join you wherever you are to complete that night of fun and excitement. Additionally, for escort agencies and independent escorts that want to make their female escorts available with the “Available Now” option; you can contact Thehiddenpages for more information.  “Available Now” escort adverts are monitored and updated more frequently, to make the browsing and search easy for all impending customers. Thehiddenpages is that top-notch escorts Directory, that offers hundreds of adverts of Independent escorts and escort agencies.  All escort agencies and independent escorts are welcome to advertise here and drag the right crowd to their business as Thehiddenpages ranks top out of all other adult directories.  If you are looking for high-class escorts or luxury escorts to spend time with, you sure are at the right place. You can browse through the site for free checking the various escort advertisers’ profiles and select your dream girl right now!

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