Booking a date with an escort

Booking a date with an escort

One gloomy December evening I was scrolling my Twitter timeline, when I stumbled upon some female escort Ads.  I’ve used services of female escorts before, but it was a long time back, when I was much younger and much more vigorous, if you know what I mean.  I thought about it for a second and continued scrolling.  “I am too busy for that, and now it’s not a right time anyway” I thought.  In the evening, as I was getting ready for bed, I looked in the mirror, and started fantasizing about a date with one of the sexy ladies from the Twitter Ad.  Next thing I knew, I was in front of the computer scrolling and hoping to find those Ads.  The Ads were posted by escort directory TheHiddenPages and featured two gorgeous ladies.  One was brunette, and the other one was blonde.  After a few clicks, I found the phone number and dialled.  A lady with sweet and pleasant voice picked up the phone and greeted me.  I inquired about the availability of the blonde escort for this Saturday, and booked myself a date.  I was just about to hang up the phone, as the sweet voice asked me a question “Would you like to see a brunette escort as well?”.  I didn’t expect a question like that, and just said “May be some other time”.  Then all of a sudden the lady said “Why other time?  You can see both of them together, this Saturday”.  Two female escorts at the same time?  I hesitated, paused, and was just about to say “No, thank you”, as the sweet voice said “It will be unforgettable, you will love it”.  My first female escorts duo, or would it be my first threesome?  I have never been with two ladies at the same time before, and that got me not only curious, but very aroused.  I told the lady on the phone, Ok, that I would love to see both of the escorts together.  She got very excited and proceeded to make booking arrangements.  The date was booked for the upcoming Saturday … stay tuned.

Mr. Duo

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