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Dolly Jewel

You want to experience the best life can offer. You want it all: Beckoning beauty… enchanting smile… spell-binding personality… worldly culture…educated and articulate… the rock-hard physique of a competitive athlete… attentive to the smallest details of an all-enthralling intensely erotic experience… and a magnetism that draws you into her world like a tractor beam. Is there such a woman? Enter Dolly’s World and find out for yourself why she has been RANKED #1. A former world-class athlete with 36D-24-36 measurements in a statuesque 5’7″ package, Dolly has the sexy fit and ripped but femininely supple body that other women dream of having – the body that makes men weak in the knees. Her voice is like a late-afternoon Spring shower, soft and soothing. Her wit and intelligence amaze you at every turn because Dolly is often two steps ahead of where you are. Dolly focuses every one of her senses directly on you when you are lucky enough to capture this free spirit for a truly unforgettable experience together. Be careful how close you get… you may not ever want to escape her spell. There simply is none other like her… DOLLY JEWEL When not training her body to maintain her unequaled fitness and shape, this siren of exquisite, sensual pleasures is a brilliant businesswoman who yearns to connect with a very limited and exclusive circle of mature, successful, intelligent men during her limited free time. Dolly is also a talented masseuse. If you are lucky enough to enter Dolly’s circle, prepare to be amazed, dazzled, and saturated with unequaled satisfaction, wondering aloud when you can see her again. Your living fantasy is waiting…

Escort in New York City

Age 50
500 USD / 30min
real pics
Dolly Jewel, 50 years old  escort in New York City
New York City, New York
500 USD / 30min

Blair Nikole Fox

If you’re looking for THE ultimate GENUINE girlfriend experience; I do believe I am your godsend! You might be hooked in by my looks but you’ll stay for this personality! An encounter with me with me is (likely) not comparable to one you’ll find elsewhere in its uniqueness. I am deeply empathetic, compassionate, & enjoying getting to know a person truly. I hate small talk. I wanna know about your trauma and how you overcame it, your happiest memories, what you think your purpose is and whatever else we happen to ponder on together. Everything has the potential to be an adventure, as far as I see it. I can make the mundane quite amusing; because why spend a moment in life just “going thru the motions” I’m a huge fan of collecting memories; I’d love to see your favorite spot in the city, or try out a hobby you enjoy, or go try that new restaurant you’ve been dying to check out. In a strange way, even though we’ll be just meeting and learning about each other; you’ll also feel like you’re in the company of an old friend. I will never pass judgement, though I will always be honest. I myself have walked a great many life paths in so little time; so I’m sure I will relate to you on many levels; believe it or not. Kindness and being genuinely “GOOD” are values I hold dear. Now, I’m quite decent at “what I do but the true girlfriend experience is about an intimacy much deeper that just skin to skin. I cherish every moment I’ve spent with my chosen confidants, as it’s made me grow as a person & gain a little more understanding for others. Let’s take our time! Let’s laugh (I’m hilarious actually tbh), let’s go out, let’s cuddle, let’s do something we’ve never done! The opportunities are endless! No matter what; my sharp wit, endless crazy life stories, coquettish yet somewhat shy nature, & just my presence generally will have you quite entertained! A great time with me is no gamble; it’s a certainty!

Escort in Las Vegas

Age 24
700 USD / 30min
Blair Nikole Fox, 24 years old  escort in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
700 USD / 30min