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Athena Amethyst

It all comes down to how someone makes you feel The intense moments that can happen between two people have always intrigued me and I love making someone happy and ecstatic wile also creating a deep bond and friendship at the same time. I’m athletic, educated, driven, empathetic, kind and very curious. I love music, the arts, interesting conversations, getting to know someone, intellect, kindness, generosity, humor, excitement and intesity. I am a down to earth free spirit with a wild side, am ambitious in my life and very discreet as I keep personal things personal. I am highly selective and will only devote my energy to a person I feel I could have an amazing time with. If you are curious check out my website. Maybe I will hear from you. I am, quite simply, at your service.

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Age 30
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Athena Amethyst, 30 years old  escort in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
Age 30