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May 3, 2015
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Fetish Escorts Worldwide

Have you ever fantasized or craved about a particular thing, and wandered if that was normal? Actually its pretty common for an individual to have or think about that “specific something” to attain full sexual gratification. That’s known as Fetish. Technically, sexual fetish is an intense focus on an object or body part, that’s essential for person’s arousal. For example, if you are attracted to blondes, that’s very common and not at all unusual. However, if you are unable to get aroused unless you are with the blonde, then you likely have a fetish for blondes. Most of the times fetish is pretty harmless, and can actually be very exciting and pleasing. Many Fetish Escorts and BDSM providers display and describe their “things” in profile Ads. Here are top 3 most common Fetishes:

  1. Feet

For many people feet are the biggest turn-on imaginable. It is most highly fetishized body part. If feet are “your thing” let one of the fetish escorts satisfy you by giving you her gorgeous, elegant and sexy feet to enjoy.

  1. Shoes

Shoe fetish … we all heard about that. Shoe fetishes are one of the most commonly encountered in the inanimate-object realm. We are talking mostly about men, about high heels, and about women who wear them during sex. Majority of shoe fetishists are men, to whom the appearance of the shoe is what matters – the length of the heel, the pointiness of the toe and the heel, the shaft length of the boot, etc. Most popular are knee high or over the knee high stiletto boots made of red or black leather. Strappy sandals are also very popular among shoe fetishists. Many Fetish Escorts have huge variety of sexy shoes to satisfy even the pickiest shoe fetishists.

  1. Leather

There are entire clubs and social groups dedicated to this type of fetish. Black leather has become almost inextricably associated with sex, at least when a woman wears it. Often associated with BDSM, leather crosses many boundaries and genders. Leather pants, boots, corsets, full-body costumes, masks – you name it, there is a leather fetishist, who can’t get enough of it. Whatever your “thing” is, you are sure to find Fetish Escort to have fun with.