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August 3, 2015
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Independent Escorts Worldwide features both independent escorts and escorts working for different agencies.  You may ask, what is the difference between these two categories. In this post we will try to highlight all the advantages and some disadvantages of being independent escort vs working for an escort agency.

Advantages of working as an Independent Escort:

Independent escorts have a luxury to choose who they want or don’t want to see and when.  If the potential client does not sound serious or honest, doesn’t appear clean or just being rude, the independent escort may choose not to book a date or even cancel an appointment at her own discretion. Independent escorts can set their own terms regarding the appointment, time or the place. When booking an appointment or communicating, independent escort can speak directly to the client making the whole experience more personal to the client. Ladies can charge what they want and keep all the earnings. They also can negotiate discounts and decrease or increase their rate, depending on the circumstances and the type of a date. With independent escorts, clients can contact and speak with the girl directly.  This may help to determine if there is a good match or not, eliminating the awkwardness and misfit for both parties.

Disadvantages of being an Independent Escort.

Independent escorts have lots of responsibilities to keep their job.  They need good discipline, and dedicate some of their time and money for marketing and advertising.  As an independent escort you are responsible for your own advertising and updating your profile to keep it active and current. With a huge competition among Independent Escorts, you have to be creative and make yourself stand out from the crowd.  You are also responsible for making your profile attractive and appealing to the clients.  High quality photos and well-written description is a must. Independent escort ladies are also responsible for transportation fees and their own security.

Advantages of working for an Escort Agency.

The best thing is that agency Escorts don’t have to worry about advertising, marketing and promoting themselves.  All of that is done for them by the agency. Agencies advertise their girls, and work to maintain their profiles and update their photos.  That might work best for those ladies who only want to escort part time or on the side of their main job.  All of the booking and organizing is done by the agency.  The lady also doesn’t need to worry about transportation and security.  It’s all provided by the agency.  Girls sometimes have more free time when working for an agency. Because all the booking is arranged by the agencies, Ladies have no contact with the clients prior to meeting.  Some girls prefer this. Some agencies accept Credit Card payments, which is done prior to meeting.  This eliminates the need for a girl to ask for payment or to accept cash, which provides peace of mind for both parties.

Disadvantages of being an agency escort.

Huge competition within the agency.  Now you are not only competing with all escorts on the Internet, you are also competing with girls working for the same agency.  Ladies who gets good reviews or whom owners favor the most, may get more job and preferential booking. Agency escorts have to share their earning with the agency.  The percentage of that share depends on the agency and the services they provide for the girls (like quality of advertising, transportation, security, etc.) Some agencies may pressure Ladies to work long hours or provide certain services.  Pressuring or penalizing workers is never a good way to run business.  An escort should never be pressured to do anything she/he is not comfortable doing.  The Lady should always be free to leave the agency at her own discretion.