The impact of coronavirus on Toronto Entertainment Industry.

As the people of Ontario has started to see the glimpse of hope in the fight against the dreadful COVID-19, the entertainment industry will probably remain in a lockdown for many months to come.  Every industry is currently impacted by the coronavirus, but recreation and entertainment are expected to be the last ones on the list to come back to business.

Just few days ago it was announced that major events in Toronto for this summer have been cancelled, and major attractions will remain closed.  The annual Pride Parade has been cancelled as well.

How will this impact an escorting business remains to be seen.  Who knows, it can actually be a good thing for local Toronto Escorts, majority of whom have been in self-isolation following the government rules.  As COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario began to loosen, more people are starting to come back to work, including adult entertainers and escort service providers.  We have been following these ladies on Twitter, and many are starting to resume Pre-booking and Tour scheduling.  Big Toronto Escort Agencies, such as Toronto Passions, have provided an amazing support to their ladies, both emotional and financial, especially in the beginning of quarantine.

Many independent escorts in Toronto have switched to online Virtual sessions with great success.  Having even minimal computer skills, you can easily set up a virtual date using popular social Apps like WhatsApp or FaceTime.

Toronto Massage Parlors have been closed for a while now, but following them on Twitter, we see they remain active, optimistic and ready to resume business in the near future.  The biggest massage parlor in Vaughan, Blondie Massage, are keeping in touch with their clients and ladies, missing them and wishing everyone happy weekend! has been supporting all Toronto Escorts, interacting with them on Twitter, and wishing all Torontonians Happy Long Weekend!

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