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I was visiting Toronto from out of town recently for business. I like this city, it’s big and vibrant, with lots to do. Before the covid-19 nightmare, I used to enjoy Toronto to the fullest by going to restaurants, galleries, cafes and little bistros. During my last visit, however, when everything was closed, the only place I could go to is the hotel lobby bar.

It was Friday night and I was bored. While browsing the internet for some adult entertainment in Toronto, I stumbled upon directory. It was full of cute and sexy female escorts, some of which ‘Available Now’. I got excited. How about some cute female escorts, I thought to myself, and started dialling some numbers. After a few attempts I booked a date for tonight with stunning brunette. She was in her 30’s and sounded very pleasant over the phone. We agreed to meet in the lobby of the hotel around 7:00 pm.

At 6:45pm I was dressed, ready and feeling very anxious. The elevator took forever to arrive and I caught myself feeling butterflies in my stomach. It was well forgotten feeling and I was enjoying it. I have never used companionship services from female escorts before. Finally, the elevator doors opened and I got in. As the light in the elevator buttons was moving down, the level of my excitement was moving up. The lobby was empty and I got relieved, I wouldn’t want a lady to wait for me. I was walking towards the entrance of the hotel, as the car stopped right in front of the hotel. The lady got out of the car and started walking in. We met right at the door and I recognized her right away. Although she was wearing a mask, her beautiful eyes were mesmerizing and I could see she was smiling underneath that mask. We greeted each other and proceeded to the bar. I was very much looking forward to sensual conversations over some quality cocktails … but the bar was closed.

She was elegantly dressed beautiful lady, but very quiet. Since the bar was closed we proceeded to the elevator, and to my suite upstairs. I had a little bar in my suite and managed to mix us some delicious cocktails. I could see her stunning body through her décolleté and short skirt. As drinks were pouring in, I was more and more looking forward to a sensual part of the date with my beautiful female escort from Toronto. My sexy escort lady was also feeling playful and acting sort of provocative. I slowly pulled her towards me for a kiss. She responded and I felt her moist lips on mine. At that moment I thought to myself, why didn’t I try calling female escorts before? All I knew at that moment, that I would be visiting that site again for some more alluring female escorts.

Mr. B, the Secret Admirer

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